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ACT-0316 1/24 McLAREN SENNA LED Control device (Final product & Kits)

98,000 円/¥
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★ 1/24 McLAREN SENNA LED Control device (Final product & Kits)

5ch WiFi & Wireless Control LED & Digital LED unit equipped with sound system,
With learning function of 3 patterns. You can operate the WiFi system with an app that supports smartphone IOS. As an option
A 4-button infrared wireless controller that anyone can easily operate can also be operated.
(Communication movable effective range radius is about 10 to 100M. It is set in jog mode, which is ON.OFF each time the button is pressed.)
※ Breakdown of 5ch20 ports
Ⅰ 1ch8 port position (lights up as a whole) 【Caution.1】
Ⅱ 2ch 2 port headlight
Ⅲ 3ch 6 port entire brake system
Ⅳ 4ch 3 port blinker / hazard
V   5ch 1 port sound (mainly engine sound recorded in MP3) 【Caution.2】

【Caution.1】 Reflector (can be lit) * Effect that makes the model look better.
【Caution.2】 A microcomputer with a built-in recording system can record up to 32GB of audio.

★ WiFi dual controller specs
・Equipped with two 5ch WiFi modules.
・Equipped with one 4ch infrared wireless module.
・Equipped with one MP3 player and twin speaker module.
・Equipped with one transformer.
・Equipped with a constant voltage diode + 2 oscillation transistors.
・Equipped with 6 manual switches.
・Equipped with 3 original batteries.
* Normal power supply AC100V-DC12V with transformer.
* Remote control is valid in the WiFi area and 10-100M range

★ Controller
・ IPhone 13Pro. [Remarks] Application used ・ eWeLink (IOS compatible)
・ Infrared wireless controller

Planning / Development / Production / Explanation / Acupuncture Takenaka

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