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1/24 GMA T.50 Semi-finished product kit

98,000 円/¥
Please choose either.
Finished product kits

1/24 GMA T.50 Semi-finished product kit

The latest kit set is made by the Acupuncture Takenaka himself so that modelers who like to make models can complete it reliably and accurately. 
It is possible to create a highly complete work with the ® verification official product + kit produced as the basic groundwork.

【Important Report】 This product does not include an LED light or control device. Please purchase separately.

1/24 GMA T.50 LED 8 point Full Set. + Semi-finished product kit (Selection: without support or with support)

★Mechanical parts & LED reflector box set
★Disc rotor Set.
★Full carbon decal 2 point Set.
★Name plate
★Data plate
★Suspension x 4
★Muffler end x 2
★Air valve x 4

® Verification official productSpecial plastic model

●Please also see the reference works.


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