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ACT-0323 1/24 NISSAN FAIRLADY 240ZG LED Set. (20p Kits)

11,000 円/¥

1/24 NISSAN FAIRLADY 240ZG LED Set. (20p Kits)

Assembly kits containing various LEDs, reflector box, and power cord.

【Kit contents】
● LED warm color 10p
● LED red color 4p (with lead)
● LED orange 6p (with lead)
● Reflector box set
● IC plug set (40p each)
● Red / black extra-fine cord 0.4mm x 2m
● Type 2 polyurethane copper wire 0.16mm x 10m
● Heat shrink tube (black) Φ1.5 × 0.2 × 50cm

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