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Display based on specific trade law

Please read when you use this site.

Distributor ® Model Making Acu・Stion Offical Net Shop Sales Department S.Naito
◎The registered trademark symbol ® 5237342 Title
◎Antique dealer license number : Gifu Prefecture Public Safety Commission No.531110001360 issue
E-mail acustionout@yahoo.co.jp Order & Inquiry & Customer registration

Manner of payment
●Bank or PayPal or stripe

Rule, prepayment
・Within days from order at due date for payment.
・As for the delivery of the products, it is EMS or ETC

Delivery method ( JPY / ¥ ) / Postage
●Express Mail Service (IRM) or (EMS)

The payment price.
・Amount of money of the display + carriage + applies and will display the payment due date for one week from expiration date order.
・However for one week, it becomes a notification day from the order at the delivery time of the products for one week for the reservation commodity about defective goods the products arrival.

Reservation New products / Registration products
●Dependence on manufacturer of operating directly, and sending out change of Reservation New products / Registration products
by convenience of production/reproduction of this net shop for sale change/postponement.
・There is change in price & specification a lot.
・It ordered, and my best regards after it acknowledges it beforehand because of will being to report with mail ..user.. in every case.

About the display of the Cart
●As for the display of the cart, it is an order situation from the above-mentioned outline: It is displayed as Receiving / Inquiry.
・I will deliver it by three business days if it is a display under receiving and there is a stock.
・When there is no stock, it becomes production/reproduction, and I will report release date / delivery day with mail.
・Please apply and give the order of Request products (Inquiry)

【Requests for ordering】
We operate as a security online shop with equality of sellers / buyers.
Please be familiar with the following items so that there are no problems between sellers / buyers.

①The minimum purchase price is set at JPY/¥6,000 for the product price.
②Word shopping, if you use stripe + Warranty Packas a settlement method, you can receive product / amount guarantee.
③The accepted product cannot be changed / canceled.
④We cannot accept returns or cancellations of products after the settlement of accounts.
※However, if the following / return conditions are met, it will not be treated as applicable.

●Right or wrong and condition of returned goods such as products.
※Only in the following cases, I will accept returned goods as a rule.
・When the defect of the products and trouble are found.
・When a commodity different from the products ordered arrives.

●Please report with E-mail when the delivered products includes the stain, damage, and the breakdown, etc.
※Please let me forward normal goods to the customer.
・Please acknowledge becoming repayment correspondence when the exchange products is not stocked.
・Please send it to our company by each courier service when unsold goods is returned and you exchange it.

●However, neither returned goods nor the exchange in the following cases are received.
※Please confirm the content after the products arrives.
・After eight days or more have passed since the commodity reached hand.
・Commodity that customer is careless, and mis-ordered.
・It damages and the stockout products due to customer's carelessness.
・Poducts having sealed, and useding, and producing it.
・Poducts that it is our site and is not buying.
・Please let me assume the mis-order by some reasons for the Internet environment to be customer's responsibility.

●The contents of a term of service?
※A sales contract will be concluded in the time when shipping off notice of goods was sent more than us. Before contract is formed, we assume that your order can be canceled with a rational reason.
※We aren't concerned with the preceding clause and when there was iniquity by a customer or an unsuitable act, cancel the sales contract or release and additionally make it something it's possible to take appropriate measures in which.

●When forcibly canceling
※If you purchase the same product or related products more than necessary, we will forcibly cancel it.
・ It is your responsibility to sell to members equally, and selling only to specific people is an exclusive sale.
・ If it is determined that the purpose is resale, it will be forcibly canceled, member registration, and permanent disqualification of the account.

●About membership registration/permanent disqualification of account
※This online shop is responsible for shipping and delivering products smoothly and accurately based on customer information.
If the contents listed below become clear, we ask the customer to take immediate action; however, if not, please register as a member or cancel your account.
We ask for your understanding and understanding as this will result in your permanent disqualification.
・False or anonymous registration when entering member information is strictly prohibited. If your entry is determined to be abusive, your account will be permanently disqualified.
・In the case of card payment, if the payment for the product is suspended by the card company, the account will be permanently disqualified.
・When paying by card, various low-cost delivery services are not available. Specifying an aggressive payment will result in permanent account disqualification.
・If the buyer applies for "cancellation" due to unreasonable circumstances after payment/delivery, the account will be permanently disqualified.
・If you do not make a purchase after being ridiculed and bombarded with questions, your account will be permanently disqualified.
・If you cannot contact us by face-to-face, telephone, or E-mail, your account will be permanently disqualified.
・Purchasers who place orders for the purpose of resale will be permanently disqualified from their accounts.

●When ordering, the payment method and the delivery methods other than regulations cannot be changed.

【Requiring care】
Than purchase provision and site indication Regulations, when coming off the condition you can't sometimes buy it.

【About the security of the commodity】
Insurance has adhered to the commodity. Please take proof in the post office in your country when the commodity package has been damaged.
Please send the damage report to the post office in Japan. The amount of money of a broken commodity is secured. Please teach us the damage report.
When security is recognized, the commodity is sent again.

Please contact our company with mail within seven days after the returned goods time limit products arrives.
It is considered that it agreed to the Privacy policy of member registration/products by checking the ☑ check box ✔similarly approving member rule/agreement for use above.

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