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® Model Making Acu・Stion Staff Blog

by Acu・Stion Staff
Main factory

Now it is delivery of the opening opening the store.
It puts that it is it is possible to learn Gan everywhere of a model fan all over the world further more.
We will wait for a lot of accesses of everybody....And, please enjoy shopping for the desire desire!!

★Staff everyone

Update!! 1/43 TOYOTA Sports 800 GR CONCEPT Metal Kits

by Acu・Stion Staff
Latest information is being updated!!

Acu・Stion / © Original kit No3!!

That Yotahachi has been restored as a current race model. Example report!!

★The commodity introduction is Here. ★Development Brog is Here.

1/24 GMA T.50 LED 8 point Full Set.

by Acu・Stion Staff
1/24 GMA T.50 LED 8 point Full Set.

1/24 GMA T.50 LED 8 point Full Set. (Verification ® official product)

Coming Soon!! Product information ←here Delivery starts in order!!

★Click here for related articles!! UpdatingT.50 Search results1/24 GMA T.50 の作例報告中止のお知らせ

iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB Graphite SIM free (Overseas delivery not possible.)

by Acu・Stion Staff

iPhone 13 Pro 256 GB Graphite SIM free (Used) Very good condition

Overseas delivery not possible.

​Digital Gimmick Scale Cars Index & Catalog Works by Acupuncture Takenaka

by Acu・Stion Staff
​Digital Gimmick Scale Cars Index & Catalog Works by Acupuncture Takenaka

Digital Gimmick Scale Cars Index & Catalog Works by Acupuncture Takenaka

【English version】Products site  ※CD version ※Download version
A scale car is the goal and challenge of any model maker, to see how faithfully the details can be reproduced by downscaling the actual car.
In this magazine, we have mora from beginners to professionals. This is an overview of the 8 works, complete photos and guides, followed by the guide, commentary and catalog of the main story 『Digital Gimmick Scale Car Works / Acupuncture Takenaka』.
The models listed are all 1/24 scale, and will be a lineup of 8 works: McLaren Senna Ford GT Mustang GT4 TS050 Hybrid Supra BMW 2002tii Fairlady Z Fairlady 240Z.
(※Scheduled to be issued sequentially at the request of everyone.)

◎It is a catalog works (collection of works) delivered in enlarged / high quality. From those who challenge model making for the first time to professional modelers, you can enjoy it.
Acupuncture Takenaka, took 6 years to produce, and please enjoy the 8 works painstakingly produced with photos and QR codes.

●Catalog photo collection of 8 works
●Outline・Basic production method
●Overview/detail improvement in each place
●Overview/electrical gimmick
●Information/Request QR code (※Requesting requests!!)

Sequel/Definitive Edition!! A separate volume series that includes model photo collections and production texts.

Detailed explanation of basic production method + detail improvement of each place + electrical gimmick.
Please look forward to the continued lineup of 8 works.

【Tentative title】
『Digital Gimmick Scale Car Works / Acupuncture Takenaka』
 Series 1/24 ~ □□□□□□□□□□ ※Related item ACT-0295

Volume 1, No. 1 Launched e-books (Original & Kindle editions)
Planning/Production/Publishing ® Model Making Acu/Stion ©Editorial Department
Publisher/Editor: Acupuncture Takenaka

Digital Gimmick Scale Cars Works by Acupuncture Takenaka

1/24 Nissan Z transformer Set.

by Acu・Stion Staff
1/24 Nissan Z transformer Set.

Blog 1/24 NISSAN Z development production Up date!!

Now on Sale!! 1/24 Nissan Z transformer Set.

ACT-0406 1/24 NISSAN Z Mechanical parts & LED Reflector Box Set.
ATS-8621 1/24 Air valve Set.×4 (Superprecision Type)
ACT-0408 1/24 8ch Infrared rays Control LED & Sound Control Device (Final product & Kits)

※Please continue to wait for the lineup.

※Click the icon!!

★1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & sound system installed (headlight & winker version)

★1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & Sound System (Rear Tail/Guide Edition)

★1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & Sound System (Rear Tail/Sound Edition)

1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & sound system installed

● Commentary on each photo of the work (Production period: December 11, 2022 to March 21, 2023, ongoing)

From the 8ch LED Infrared rays control system, the fog light meter panel → headlight → rear tail → overall brake system →
left and right turn signals → hazard → back fog light are reproduced with light gimmicks.
The IC relay reproduces the modulated light source and can be 

with a single button. MP3 recording of engine sound / commentary. 8ch, 17 ports, full LED light gimmicks and sounds reproduce the real car style.

【Explanation of each *ch* port】

①1ch 8 port position (lights all over)
②2ch 2 port headlight
③3ch 1 port L blinker
④4ch 1 port R blinker
⑤5ch 2-port brake system overall
⑥6ch 1 port back fog light
⑦7ch 1 port room light
⑧8ch 1 port sound (mainly engine sound MP3 recording)【Caution】

【Caution】Recording system built-in microcomputer, microSD 32GB capacity, audio can be recorded.

★ Dressing up and detailing the work

①1/24 Nissan Fairlady Z ・The body is squid yellow specification.
②Changed to a metal emblem on the front.
③Turn on one headlight with a digital LED unit. Fog light 1 lit.
④F/R disc rotor reproduced with photo-etched metal parts around the suspension.
⑤With the digital LED unit, the interior is lit in 5 places + changed to a precision wiper.
⑥The rear and tail lights are digital LED units and 2 relays, and the lighting is modulated by passing.
⑦Digital LED unit and sound system are housed inside the exclusive display stand.
⑧Brick specification. Each emblem is prepared for the exhibition produced by etching.


Digital LED unit equipped with 8ch compatible + sound system, with 3 pattern learning function,
Employs an 8-button
wireless controller that anyone can easily operate.
(Communication effective range radius is about 100M. Set in jog mode, ON/OFF each time the button is pressed.)
Built-in recording system microcomputer, can record up to 32GB of audio. (mainly engine sound MP3 recording)

Planning/Development/Production/Explanation Acupuncture Takenaka

Z Production BLOG QR-Cord

※Photograph instagram 1/24 TS050 HYBRID