★ ★ ★ ★3,238 item inside. 2,750 Up products are exhibited.】 ★ ★ ★ ★

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How to order

Please read when you use this site.

This net shop is managed in the shop of the manufacturer operating directly. It is a net shop that treats only the sales commodity of general. I will explain display/marketing method/how to buy.
〔Dealings for the trader become similar because of sales for general, too.〕

☆The net shop of the manufacturer operating directly becomes a guide of the order of plan / development / manufacture / sales until one product is sold. 【Explanation of products icon

Display.1】 Plan..develop..products..column No image. I will receive the advance order. 〔The order due date : Fixation can be sent out
Display.2】 The products column will receive the addition and the advance order to manufacturing by the cut-in illustration. 〔The order due date : Fixation can be sent out
Display.3】 The products column will receive finality and the advance order to sales in the photograph. 〔Fnal order : However, only the stock It's possible to sell up Order & Inquiry & Customer registration Please transmit.

★---Order production is being received.Delivery on the Reservation day.---

Reservation New products / Registration products
●Dependence on manufacturer of operating directly, and sending out change of Reservation New products / Registration products
by convenience of production/reproduction of this net shop for sale change/postponement.
・There is change in price & specification a lot.
・It ordered, and my best regards after it acknowledges it beforehand because of will being to report with mail ..user.. in every case.

About the display of the Cart

●As for the display of the cart, it is an order situation from the above-mentioned outline: It is displayed as Receiving / Inquiry.
・I will deliver it by three business days if it is a display under receiving and there is a stock.
・When there is no stock, it becomes production/reproduction, and I will report release date / delivery day with mail.
・Please apply and give the order of Request products (Inquiry)

【 Special note 】 I will make the number of production Canas because it will additionally supply production/reproduction of the products to the   
market demand. The thing examined beforehand becomes important because it might not be able to buy it later by hesitating at the advance order.


This site How to use

About Product Search

★ commodity name , if the number is found

● Product number in the Product Search field , product name , please search by keyword .

● This displays the search results .

★ If the product name, product number do not know

● Download the commodity list of Excel files .

● Please search your desired product from the product list . The method of searching in search of the editing tab ( shortcut Ctrl + F).

Can not find items from the list ※, please contact us in the case of unregistered from here to the Web. click !!

Purchase procedure

● Click on the "Add to cart " from the quick view or the product page

"Proceed to checkout " Click 【Attention 】Please order to a regulated purchasing price.

● Select one of the " Register " or "Checkout as guest"

● Customer , enter the E -mail / password that is available , proceed along the checkout to the Web.

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