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ACT-0209 1/43 PENSKE CHEVROLET 1993 A.Senna Complete Model (Circuit or Oval track Type)

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Model Making Acu・Stion Original final product Reservation receipt!!

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Model Making by Acupuncture Takenaka. Serial number No.001. Circuit Type. Only One!! ASK!!

The Model Making 1/43 PENSKE CHEVROLET....Look at Blog  【Production period 2 month 2018.July.16.~2018 September.16.】

【Commodity content 】 ACT-0184 It is a special definitive edition that gets addition as for the after parts and repair decals.


Specification and content of final product Serial number No.001 of Circuit Type specification limitation one.

・Urethane painting of deterioration prevention of year of passing of 20 years. (Darkroom preservation condition)
・With in the case of exclusive use and original. (Carbon specification and adhere by two name versions. )
・With A.Sena figar & Helmet
・With production report. (PDF file)
・Option/ Seat belt.
・Option/ Central lock nut.
・Option/ Air valve.
・Option/ Refueling tower system.
・3D Refueling entrance.
・Made of stainless steel and Porishing/ Suspension.
・Made of resin and rear light.
Tire logo that has been painted.

【Part list that is other and used.】

ATS-8357 ・ATS-9973 ・ACT-0180 ・ACT-0182 ・ACT-0183 ・ACT-0184 ・DTA-I  ・ATS-9169  ・ACF-0009 (1/43 Base Display case)

Production/explanation Acupuncture Takenaka.

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