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ACT-0268 1/24 GR Supra LED Full Set. (English version)

20,000 円/¥

1/24 GR Supra LED Full Set. (English version) (Company T)

* Contents of recorded parts (with belt cloth)

1/24 GR Supra Nameplate
1/24 GR Supra Data Plate
1/24 GR Supra Mechanical Parts Set
1/24 GR Supra Suspension Set × 4
1/24 GR Supra Air Valve x 4
1/24 GR Supra Aluminum muffler
1/24 GR Supra LED Reflector Box Set

[Recommended] A full set suitable for detailed detail improvement + LED specifications.

* Reflector box set recording that completely shuts off LED light source leakage.

[Note] LED and control device are not included in the set.

* Products for super advanced users

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