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Handling brand

Model Making Acu・Stion Production Each brand is prepared according to the category.

 Model Making Acu・Stion Kits

★Model Making Acu・Stion 1/43 I will develop the full package commodity from an original kits to the transformer kits set.

 Model Making Acu・Stion Parts

★Model Making Acu・Stion The detail up parts . I will always release the tool parts and materials.

 Model Making Acu・Stion Parts + Kits on the market

★Model Making Acu・Stion Parts + Kits on the market. Thing of check necessary

 Detail Art Model

★Detail art Model The high quality silk screen print . It is lineup as for the slide decal for many kinds.

Acu・Furniture Acu・Furniture

★Acu・Furniture Subbrand of Model Making Acu・Stion.I will develop model woodwork series/work desk, the tool, and accessories.

 Other Tools

★In the world, there is a wonderful, ..so.. special tool.The lineup will do the recommendation tools that only our company can handle in the model industry.