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ACT-0437 1/43 Toyota Sports 800 GR CONCEPT Making of Manuel & Works / Acupuncture Takenaka

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1/43 Toyota Sports 800 GR CONCEPT Making of Manuel & Works / Acupuncture Takenaka

★Publication date: December 24, 2024

【English version】※CD version ※Download version
This is a 1/43 white metal kit that incorporates the current technology of 2024. 
The latest 4ch control device works in conjunction with an app on smartphones on the market to operate the same digital gimmicks as the actual car. 
The kit creator, Acupuncturist Takenaka, provides a detailed explanation of the 160-day production method. 
In other words, this is the 1/43 Toyota Sports 800 GR CONCEPT Making of Maniacal & Works. 
◎Explains the installation process of the 4ch control device while looking at production photos and actual vehicle reference photos. 
◎It can also be used for the basic production method of the conventional model S800.
◎Making of Maniacal & Works (collection of works) delivered in enlarged/high image quality. It can be enjoyed by anyone, from those trying model production for the first time to professional modelers.

【Contents】A4 p160-p200 (Planned)
●Photo collection of 800GR CONCEPT + S800
●Photo collection of reference material for the actual car
●Production and detailing of each part
●Production of electrical gimmicks
●Kit manufacturing method/etching edition
●Kit manufacturing method/metal casting edition

Volume 1, No. 1 Launched e-books (Original & Kindle editions)
Planning/Production/Publishing ® Model Making Acu/Stion ©Editorial Department
Publisher/Editor: Acupuncture Takenaka

【Note】The publication date and contents may differ. Thank you for your understanding.

ACT-0436 1/43 TOYOTA Sports 800 GR CONCEPT Special Metal Kits+4ch control device (Kits & Completed)

ACT-0433 1/43 Base Display case (Sharing case) ※Another sales

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1.43 Toyota Sports 800 GR (1.43_Toyota_Sports_800_GR.jpg, 1,669 Kb) [Download]

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