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ACT-0409 Digital Gimmick Scale Cars Index & Catalog Works by Acupuncture Takenaka

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Digital Gimmick Scale Cars Index & Catalog Works by Acupuncture Takenaka

【English version】※CD version ※Download version
A scale car is the goal and challenge of any model maker, to see how faithfully the details can be reproduced by downscaling the actual car.
In this magazine, we have mora from beginners to professionals. This is an overview of the 8 works, complete photos and guides, followed by the guide, commentary and catalog of the main story 『Digital Gimmick Scale Car Works / Acupuncture Takenaka』.
The models listed are all 1/24 scale, and will be a lineup of 8 works: McLaren Senna Ford GT Mustang GT4 TS050 Hybrid Supra BMW 2002tii Fairlady Z Fairlady 240Z.
(※Scheduled to be issued sequentially at the request of everyone.)

◎It is a catalog works (collection of works) delivered in enlarged / high quality. From those who challenge model making for the first time to professional modelers, you can enjoy it.
Acupuncture Takenaka, took 6 years to produce, and please enjoy the 8 works painstakingly produced with photos and QR codes.

●Catalog photo collection of 8 works
●Outline・Basic production method
●Overview/detail improvement in each place
●Overview/electrical gimmick
●Information/Request QR code (※Requesting requests!!)

Sequel/Definitive Edition!! A separate volume series that includes model photo collections and production texts.
Detailed explanation of basic production method + detail improvement of each place + electrical gimmick.
Please look forward to the continued lineup of 8 works.

【Tentative title】
『Digital Gimmick Scale Car Works / Acupuncture Takenaka』
 Series 1/24 ~ □□□□□□□□□□ ※Related item ACT-0295

Volume 1, No. 1 Launched e-books (Original & Kindle editions)
Planning/Production/Publishing ® Model Making Acu/Stion ©Editorial Department
Publisher/Editor: Acupuncture Takenaka

Digital Gimmick Scale Cars Works by Acupuncture Takenaka

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