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ACT-0416 1/24 GMA T.50 Full carbon decal 2 point Set.

List price: 5,500 円/¥
5,000 円/¥
You save: 500 円/¥ (9%)
Save 9%

1/24 GMA T.50 Full carbon decal 2 point Set.

【Product description】

In order to reduce the weight, GMA T.50 has full carbon specifications.
This decal is not included in the kit, but it was made as an after decal.
The carbon pattern can be faithfully reproduced to the carbon specifications as much as possible.
A water transfer slide decal sticker with silk screen printing that pursues the compatible size and ease of application of each part.

【Handling method】

※For pasting work, soak it in water and paste it on the control part.
※Easy-to-understand parts arrangement that is visually obvious. Please refer to the instruction number of the kit.
※Corrosion resistance is also available for coating agents. For long-term storage of decals, use a commercially available coating agent.
※It is almost always difficult to paste all the decals perfectly.
Assuming a failure in that case, spare decals are included, so you can use it with confidence.


★ This product is intended for intermediate and above modelers. Pasting work requires patience and patience.
★ Those who are not good at jigsaw puzzles. If you are not good at sticking decals, please be sure to consider it.

【Product specifications】

☆ Water transfer slide decal sticker by silk screen printing method.
☆ A4 size (280mm×200mm) full map specification No.1 + No.2 + spare decals included. (Large size)
☆ We will reproduce the carbon specifications in every detail, including the interior and exterior.(300p+Spare decal)

【For intermediate modelers】

® Verification official product

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