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ACT-0187 1/12 YAMAHA YZF-R1M Full carbon Decal

2,420 円/¥

TAMIYA by.1/12 YAMAHA YZF-R1M It's correspondence detail improvement & transformer kit.
The part group is exactly good at detail by the reproduction even of the detail by various process of manufactures.
The usage because there are various parts.Please do choice to the purpose additionally.

◎There is no clear glue SHIRO, and it's precise trace.
It's being added to each parts. Close adherence can be stuck on just as it is very hard.
Decal softener recommends something rather weak. ◎In various solvent systems, it is erosive.

▲Notes : It's easy to stick and this goods are the decal with the high* close adherence rate,
it's stuck on Earl/lace tightly, attachmentIt's essential to kick. I'll recommend following spare
decal to the person who doesn't like decal sticking in particular.

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