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ACT-0282 1/24 FORD MUSTANG GT4 Mechanical parts Set.

3,333 円/¥

1/24 FORD MUSTANG GT4 Mechanical parts Set.
※With seat belt cloth

◎Contents of basic parts
・Front & rear disc rotor
・Various mesh panels
・Various emblems
・Various license plates
・Catch pin
・ABC pedal
・Side mirror
・Room mirror
・Refueling port
・Meter rim
・Rear tail light box
・Seat belt buckles
・With seat belt fabric

【Caution 1】 Lights/Suspensions/Mufflers/etc. If you would like to make a detailed detail, we recommend various transformer kit sets.

【Caution 2】 The developer himself reports the mounting method of each part. Please refer to it.

【Caution 3】 When mounting each part, it is necessary to shave the kit body or drill holes. Be sure to prepare a motor tool, etc.

【Caution 4】 Those who pursue the precise completion of each part, please perform a careful temporary assembly and fitting process.

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