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1/24 GR Supra Detail Up & Transformer Kit Now On Sale !!

by Acu・Stion Staff
1/24 GR Supra Various Detail Up & Trans Kit now on sale !!

1/24 GR Supra Detail Up & Transformer Kit Now On Sale !! (Digital unit sold separately)

※This is a classic detail improvement and transformer kit compatible with the latest kits.

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Super high resolution, 1/24 TOYOTA GR Supra's work photo book is delivered !!
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1/24 TOYOTA GR Supra Making of Special Site Adobe Flash Player

Sample 1/24 TOYOTA GR Supra Making of Special Site

★1/24 Supra head light

★1/24 Supra Rear Tail Light Around

★1/24 Supra Full LED Hikari Gimmick & Sound

* Equipped with 8ch wireless control LED & sound system.

★ Explanation of each photo of the work.
(The production period is from November 29, 2019 to February 22, 2020, 85day)

①Changed to 1/24 Supra body unified color yellow specification.
(2) Change the intake mesh of the front bonnet and rear.
③ 14 headlights are turned on by the digital LED unit. Low beam and high beam can be switched.
④The seat belt has been changed to a three-point type, just like the actual vehicle, and a special harness.
⑤Digital LED unit changes interior to 3-point lighting + precision wiper.
⑥F/R Rear disc rotor & suspension reproduced with metal parts around the feet.
⑦The muffler end is a powerful aluminum saw.
⑧The rear tail light is a digital LED unit and 2 relays, and the modulation lighting such as passing is performed.
A digital LED unit and sound system are housed inside the special display stand. Carbon specification.
Each emblem is prepared for the exhibition produced by etching.
Digital LED unit equipped with 8ch compatible + sound system, with 3 patterns learning function,
Employs an eight-button wireless controller that can be easily operated by anyone.
(Effective radius of communication movable range is about 100M. Each time the button is pressed once, it is set in ON / OFF, jog mode.)
⑫ Breakdown of 8ch21 port
Ⅰ 1ch 8 port position (lights up all over) [Note.1]
Ⅱ 2ch 2 port headlight (low beam)
Ⅲ 3ch2 port headlight (high beam)
Ⅳ 4ch 4port 全体 whole brake system
Ⅴ 5ch2 port hazard
Ⅵ 6ch1 port Back fog light
Ⅶ 7ch1 port Room light
Ⅷ 8ch1 port sound (mainly MP3 recording engine sound) [Note.2]

[Note.1] Reflector (to be lit) * Effect to make the model look better.
[Note.2] Recording system built-in microcomputer, can record up to 8 minutes of voice.

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