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--- COVID-19 (Coronavirus) you can send out the product. Please contact us.---

Please see the attachment (PDF16KB). coronavirusCan you deliver it to your country?

Mutant COVID-19 Measures (Shipping conditions to Each country)

Mutant COVID-19 Measures (Shipping conditions to Each country)

It 's the "OmicronJN.1 COVID-19" that spreads every day. Our shop strives to deliver products to customers all over the world.

Please minimize the number of questions and do not change the product contents.
We ask our customers to look at the current situation and not burden the delivery of our shop.

We are proceeding with safe and secure transactions against the "OmicronJN.1 COVID-19" whose end is still invisible.

We will be able to respond promptly to our online shop, and we will deliver it with the aim of immediate delivery as soon as there is an order.

However, depending on the infection situation in each country, there are conditions for delivery countries, so I will explain.

★Countries that can be delivered by Airmail. (Delivery schedule is about 1~2 Week)

Netherlands / Switzerland / Estonia / Austria / Croatia / Sweden / Spain / Slovene / Czech Republic / Denmark / Norway / Hungary / Blgania / Poland / Portugal / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / China / Korea / Indonesia / Serbia / Hong Kong / Malta / Thailand / New Zealand / Malaysia / Slovakia / Belarus / Belarus / Azerbaijan / Singapura / Mexico / Viet Nam / USA / Ísland / Ireland / UK / France / Mexico / Belgium / Italy / Greece / Australia / Ukraine / Germany / South Africa / Brasil / Chile / Finland / Canada / România / Chile / Puerto Rico /

★Countries that can be delivered by Sea. (Delivery schedule is about 2~3 months or more)

Ireland / *Russian / , shipping by Sea is 2~3 months or more.

☆International registered mail

Ireland / can be sent by ○International registered Air mail.
【However, as a condition】
Limited to small products. Etching, decals, small sawn objects, etc.
× Large items will be shipped by sea. Kits, transformer kits, large parts, etc.

*Russia & is temporarily undeliverable.

*Parcel mail is treated as surface mail and can be delivered if there is no guarantee.
*Russia becomes an irregularity mail. Please inquire. Order & Inquiry & Customer registration

※Due to Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine, exports are further restricted.

Look at URL   https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/over...

【Sales conditions】
Some countries can deliver and some cannot.

We have stopped the automatic payment of PayPal.
After confirming each customer with each customer, we will send you PayPal invoice.
You can pay with paypal with security and security.
In addition, the product has a tracking code and compensation amount.

【Warning】①The accepted product cannot be changed / canceled. ②If you do not pay the invoice sent by PayPal, we will cancel.

Everyone is doing safe and secure delivery. Attention for purchase Look at Display based on specific trade law.

Order & Inquiry & Customer registration Please contact me if you have any questions.

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