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Support of products

【Q.1】 To the customer who asks our support about how to use the method of fabrication and the tool kinds after purchase of goods.

【A.1】 Basically, we will answer for a fee regarding the manufacturing method and Questions・Support Disc.
However, customers who are registered as members can receive various types of support depending on the category of registered members.

①Production ← Detail description and an application are this.
②Member special site ← Detail description and an application are this.

【Attention.1 Basically, the person who registers with a pay member can get support variously.

【Q.2 To the person who applies to the internet of media and an example, etc. of products for a sample offer.

【A.2】 Please apply for a free offer of the commodity sample to the inquiry. Order & Inquiry & Customer registration Please apply.
I will offer it free of charge if agreeing when it meets the requirement for which
getting and our company that asked the skill and the experience and yearned provided.

①Our developer and person familiar with products.
②The person who can be a professional/an amateur modeler, have the recommendation
by which it's for media and contribute an example deliciously.
③Those who can distribute from My homepage / SNS via the Internet.
(However, refer to the name recognition and the number of accesses.)
④The person who can have business and do a business tie-up.

【Attention.2】 The person applied to the purpose for will reject a Hobby & Cost cutting.

【Inquiry】 or Order & Inquiry & Customer registration Please apply. 《GUIDE》 BlogExample reports, reference.

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