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New product reservation!! Add to 1/24 TS050 HYBRID LED+Full Set. & Each parts.

by Acu・Stion Staff
1/24 TS050 HYBRID LED+Full Set. & Each parts.

2020.1.9.~2.5. It is on display at Tamiya Shimbashi store.

The 59th all-Japan model hobby show.The announcement work & second by 2019 Tamiya-bus.
★1/24 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 HYBRID (Special plan) 9/27.28.29.

New product reservation!! Add to 1/24 TS050 HYBRID LED+Full Set. & Each parts.

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※ Example of installing kit model / (Operate with 4ch Waiyarres control system.)

※ Headlight / foglight / cockpit operated with 4ch wireless control system.

※ Using an IC relay, the “brake / passing” light gimmick is similar to a real car.

※ 4ch Wireless Control LED system 1/24 TS050 HYBRID LED all light lighting.

★ Explanation of each picture of the work.
(In a production period, May 24, 2019-September 6, 2019 and 106 days)

① 1/24 TS050 HYBRID is changed to the RU man 24 TOTAL specification.
② 22 lamps of headlight is lit by the digital LED unit.
③ Like riding 6 seat belts change it to an exclusive Hart nest in the system.
④ The cockpit is changed to 3 lighting up + precise wipers by the digital LED unit.
⑤ Mesh of a cockpit cooling system is reproduced. (Micro intake mesh use.)
⑥ The wheel nut specification of the polishing completion reproduced like a ride.
⑦ The rear disk rotor and the caliper which were etching parts like a ride and were reproduced
⑧ A fuel tank cap reproduces between the metallic matter by an etching + 2 pieces of turning + a decal.
⑨ A muffler end is produced by turnery of oval cut made of the quenching titanium, and, sheet insulation slab insulation is made of the etching.
⑩ Each stay catch pin of a rear wing is exchanged for etching parts.
⑪ A rear taillight is a digital LED unit relay, passing lighting up.
⑫ The digital LED unit is stored inside the exclusive exhibition stand. The carbon specification.
⑬ In etching produced exhibition prepares each emblem.
⑭ The digital LED unit into which 4ch correspondence + dimmer control was also loaded, with a learning function of 3 patterns.
A controller is adopted 4 buttons and a wire everyone can be operated easily lessly.
(Communication mobile effective area radius 100M About. Every time a button is pressed once, it's established by Jog mode of No.OFF.)

Planning / Development / Production / Explanation Aqua Puncher / Acupuncture Takenaka