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1/24 Nissan Z transformer Set.

by Acu・Stion Staff
1/24 Nissan Z transformer Set.

Blog 1/24 NISSAN Z development production Up date!!

Now on Sale!! 1/24 Nissan Z transformer Set.

ACT-0406 1/24 NISSAN Z Mechanical parts & LED Reflector Box Set.
ATS-8621 1/24 Air valve Set.×4 (Superprecision Type)
ACT-0408 1/24 8ch Infrared rays Control LED & Sound Control Device (Final product & Kits)

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★1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & sound system installed (headlight & winker version)

★1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & Sound System (Rear Tail/Guide Edition)

★1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & Sound System (Rear Tail/Sound Edition)

1/24 NISSAN Z 8ch Infrared rays control LED & sound system installed

● Commentary on each photo of the work (Production period: December 11, 2022 to March 21, 2023, ongoing)

From the 8ch LED Infrared rays control system, the fog light meter panel → headlight → rear tail → overall brake system →
left and right turn signals → hazard → back fog light are reproduced with light gimmicks.
The IC relay reproduces the modulated light source and can be 

with a single button. MP3 recording of engine sound / commentary. 8ch, 17 ports, full LED light gimmicks and sounds reproduce the real car style.

【Explanation of each *ch* port】

①1ch 8 port position (lights all over)
②2ch 2 port headlight
③3ch 1 port L blinker
④4ch 1 port R blinker
⑤5ch 2-port brake system overall
⑥6ch 1 port back fog light
⑦7ch 1 port room light
⑧8ch 1 port sound (mainly engine sound MP3 recording)【Caution】

【Caution】Recording system built-in microcomputer, microSD 32GB capacity, audio can be recorded.

★ Dressing up and detailing the work

①1/24 Nissan Fairlady Z ・The body is squid yellow specification.
②Changed to a metal emblem on the front.
③Turn on one headlight with a digital LED unit. Fog light 1 lit.
④F/R disc rotor reproduced with photo-etched metal parts around the suspension.
⑤With the digital LED unit, the interior is lit in 5 places + changed to a precision wiper.
⑥The rear and tail lights are digital LED units and 2 relays, and the lighting is modulated by passing.
⑦Digital LED unit and sound system are housed inside the exclusive display stand.
⑧Brick specification. Each emblem is prepared for the exhibition produced by etching.


Digital LED unit equipped with 8ch compatible + sound system, with 3 pattern learning function,
Employs an 8-button
wireless controller that anyone can easily operate.
(Communication effective range radius is about 100M. Set in jog mode, ON/OFF each time the button is pressed.)
Built-in recording system microcomputer, can record up to 32GB of audio. (mainly engine sound MP3 recording)

Planning/Development/Production/Explanation Acupuncture Takenaka

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※Photograph instagram 1/24 TS050 HYBRID