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ACT-0306 1/24 McLAREN SENNA Mechanical parts & LED Reflector Box Set.

3,410 円/¥

1/24 McLAREN SENNA Mechanical parts & LED Reflector Box Set.

【Product description 】

Reproduce the standard parts with etched parts. This product is the first with special benefits for modelers who will incorporate LEDs in the future.
Regarding installation, I would like to make it with my own skills. Please refer to the creator's own production blog and create the details.

★ Mechanical parts Set. (with seat belt cloth) ・ Contents

① Wiper plate
② Each license plate
③ Hubcap
④ AB pedal
⑤ Each emblem
⑥ Steering emblem
⑦ Radiator panel
⑧ Front speaker
⑨ Passenger seat foot plate
⑩ Front intake mesh
⑪ Side intake mesh
⑫ Side speaker
⑬ Side mirror
⑭ Room mirror
⑮ Rear intake mesh
⑯ Rear speaker
⑰ Seat belt buckle
⑱ Rear intake mesh
⑲ Rear tail light plate
⑳ Transmission switch

★ LED Reflector Box Set. ・ Contents

① Room light plate
② Navigation panel
③ Meter box
④ Rear reflector box
⑤ Rear side turn signal box
⑥ Mount stop box
⑦ S / side turn signal box
⑧ F / side turn signal box
⑨ Headlight box

※ Motor tools are essential tools.

〔Caution〕 LED lights and control devices are not included in this product. Please purchase separately.

【For advanced modelers】

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