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【Important !!】Stay Connected

A customer is telling about the mail address you have. Of the mail address used for E-mail magazine & SNS and member registration at our net shop.
Of a spelling, it's struck, by mistake, and, the case when you can't recognize as a spam mail and send and receive a mail was checked.

★Corrective action

Of a spelling of a mail address, it's struck, by mistake, for, please answer to the thing correctness strikes or advance with it's input to a memo, and whether it's copied.

The corrective action a mail server Webb server recognizes as a spam mail consult the following, please.

* There are no answers on a guide mail of E-mail magazine & SNS.
* A auto-reply mail of the order confirmation has reached, it's after that, I have not received an order-receiving confirmation mail from this place.
* I inquired about goods, but even if it has passed for more than 2 days, there are no answers.

The customer who uses a free mail address.】
▼ It's included in an unsolicited commercial E-mail folder.
A mail from this place is mistaken by the unsolicited commercial E-mail prevention function for unsolicited commercial E-mail automatically in each free mail service.
It doesn't sometimes come out in a reception screen (reception box).
There is a possibility divided to an unsolicited commercial E-mail folder and a trash can automatically, so I would like to ask you to check it once.
By trying division (filter) setting of incoming mail of each free mail service.
A mail from this place can stop division to an unsolicited commercial E-mail folder.

When you're using Yahoo! mail.】
▼ The setting method by which it's for reception permission: (When you're using Yahoo! mail.)
(1)Yahoo! Please log in to a mail and click [mail setting] in the screen upper right.
(2) please click [addition] more than filter [and] reception notice setting of a space of "mail option and mail management".
(3) setting is done as follows more than an additional screen of a filter.
Movement previous folder: [Reception box]
(4) [preservation] is clicked.

The customer who uses a cell phone mail address.】
▼ It's flicked by a mail prevention filter.
Do filter release of the case when you're using a mail prevention filter, and setting, please, in order to receive a mail.

[Other possibilities]
1. Mistake of a mail address
I'm terribly sorry, but there is also a possibility that description of the mail address with which a customer was registered is wrong.

2. Setting of security software and virus measure software
A mail is judged as unsolicited commercial E-mail by setting of security software, and refuses and eliminates reception.
Confirm the setting of the security software you use, and unsolicited commercial E-mail exclusion setting, please.

3. Virus blocking of the provider and unsolicited commercial E-mail division service setting
Virus blocking and unsolicited commercial E-mail division service are free, and standards are sometimes established by the provider you covenant.
Setting of security software of the case when a mail isn't divided to an unsolicited commercial E-mail folder and the PC you're using and virus measure software from this place is a mistake.

Way of procedure of a delivery stop
When taking out a delivery stop request in this mail even if I hope for an e-mail magazine delivery and register by customer's will, I'll suspend an e-mail magazine delivery. In the case, please take care of answer cooperation in an easy questionnaire.SNS配信停止願い

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