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by Acu・Stion Staff

1/24 NISSAN FAIRLADY 240ZG The latest kits and related products are being updated daily.

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※1/24 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG 12ch Wireless Control LED & Sound System installed.

● Explanation of each photo of the work (Production period is from June 10, 2021 to September 26, 2021 & 86 days)

The 12ch LED wireless system reproduces fog lights and meter panels → headlights → rear tail → entire brake system → hazards → back fog lights with an optical gimmick.
The IC relay reproduces the modulated light source and controls it with the touch of a button. MP3 recording of engine sound.

【Explanation of each * ch * port】
① 1ch 2 port fog light meter panel
② 2ch 2 port headlight
③ 3ch 2 port back fog light
④ 4ch 1 port room light
⑤ 5ch 2 port sound ▲
⑥ 6ch 1 port sound ■
⑦ 7ch 2 port rear tail
⑧ 8ch 2 port brake
⑨ 9ch 3 port. Winker / hazard L
⑩ 10ch 3 port turn signal / hazard R
⑪ 11ch 1 port option
⑫ 12ch 1 port option

★ Dress up and detail up your work
① 1/24 Nissan Fairlady 240ZG ・ The body is in maroon color.
(2) Change the metal radiator panel on the front part.
③ Turn on one headlight with the digital LED unit. Fog light 1 lights up.
④ The seat belt has been changed to a two-point type, just like the actual car, and a special harness.
⑤ The muffler end is a powerful large-diameter sawn aluminum product.
⑥ F / R disc rotor and suspension reproduced with metal parts around the suspension.
⑦ The rear and tail lights are digital LED units and 2 relays, and are illuminated by modulation such as passing.
⑧ With the digital LED unit, the interior is lit in one place + changed to a precision wiper.
⑨ A digital LED unit and sound system are stored inside the dedicated exhibition stand.
⑩ Brick specifications. Each emblem is prepared for the exhibition produced by etching.

It is a digital LED unit equipped with 12ch support + sound system, with a learning function of 3 patterns,
Uses a 12-button wireless controller that anyone can easily operate.
(Communication movable effective range radius is about 100M. Each time the button is pressed, it is set to ON.OFF in jog mode.)
Recording system Built-in microcomputer, can record up to 32GB of audio. (Mainly engine sound recorded in MP3)

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