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PROTAR by 1/12 Ferrari F40 TURBO Half-finished product kit

Premium plan
51,000 円/¥
Premium plan

PROTAR by 1/12 Ferrari F40 TURBO Half-finished product kit

It's that 1/12 Ferrari F40 of "PROTAR" to introduce by the special plan this time.
To the extent "PROTAR" is the model manufacturer which was buying it and was coming into action by Italy,
and you say that Tami doesn't like that when saying in Japan.
It was a famous manufacturer, but activity has been suspended in 2003. The one kit-ized in the best days.
It's 1/12 Ferrari F40 TURBO. A purchase record isn't recorded correctly, the metal engine which is 25 years before now
It sticks and is super-treasure and a premium kit. I'll submit the kit contents in the half completion state. An owner?
I'd like to complete this kit this time under Acupuncture Takenaka who is a model author, and plans,* submitting and becoming
Oh, it was done.

The special company lines up for the person who can complete this great kit as a privilege plan.
When having your request from the inside of goods, I'll offer goods necessary to making to a necessary decal of parts.
When hoping for custom-made parts and decal, etc., it'll be consulted
If you can agree, the world delivers your opinion and the will which are a manufacturer if it'll be completed safely, at our net shop.

【Handling about a kit】
A manufacturer disappears already, so pure after parts won't exist. An in trouble case is we.
Lye and SUTEON will offer you stock by some goods. Something I don't have is custom-made and consulted.
The composition and NA made in Japan will be made in Italy and is the different precision big for the kit
contents, and the ability of the maker is asked about
Tei trout. "Decision and resolution" are needed the meaning to have that and making.

【Message from an owner and Acupuncture Takenaka】
The PROTAR which was an Italian long-established store was an attracted manufacturer for me. F40 is also a very charming car.
It's so. There was still kei RU time in making then, and it was done, but you come to have a lot of model business, and during
when is the working time got and isn't it?
It was. By all means, please build this kit into wonderful finished goods for me. Please.

【Buying, pertinently, and, question】
When you'd put it in a cart just as it is at our net shop, there are no problems. In after assistance.
When it's concerned, and I'd like to know details, the coming is also possible directly to us. Here

※ Above, I'll send a message to everyone of a model fancier. I'm waiting for telling.

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